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If you want a strong, durable and easy-to-clean floor that always looks like new, J&B Painting has the solution – an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is a combination of resins and hardeners which chemically react to form a strong, rigid plastic material that’s ideal for all types of flooring applications, including residential, commercial and even industrial. No matter the size or scope of your floor coating needs, J&B Painting, one of Michigan’s largest epoxy flooring companies, can tackle your project with ease.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Sanitary
  • Low Odor
  • Improves Safety
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Professional Appearance
  • Durable Industrial Finish 
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant 
  • Limitless Color Choices

Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Metallic Epoxy – Transform a boring basement floor into a fancy-looking one at a cost-effective price.
    ○ 19 different color choices available
    ○ Highly durable and easy to maintain
  • Epoxy Floor Line Striping – Highly accurate marking solutions for all your warehouse and facility identification and traffic needs.
    ○ Multiple color choices available
    ○ Hi-lo and pedestrian traffic control
    ○ Industrial line marking for distribution centers
    ○ Safety isle striping

Additional Types of Floor Coatings

  • Polished Concrete – Polished concrete is the ultimate no-wax flooring option with minimal maintenance required. It’s a great alternative for marble, laminate, granite or coated concrete.
    ○ No coating necessary
    ○ Easy to clean and maintain
    ○ Smooth, clean finish showing a polished appearance
  • Acid Stained Concrete Floor Coating  – Bring your residential, commercial or industrial concrete flooring to life with acid staining.
    ○ Marble-like appearance
    ○ Virtually maintenance-free
    ○ Beautiful colors available, including mostly earthy tones

Epoxy flooring installation will not interfere with production times. Contingent on the flooring size, J & B Painting Inc can have your floor ready for use within 3 days for normal foot traffic and no more than 4 days for vehicle use. We understand that there is no time for down time, so we work with your schedule and can accommodate a 24 hour to 48 hour cycle to ensure that your floor is installed within restricted timeframes and your work /living area can be ready for your enjoyment. Setting J & B Painting, Inc apart from other so-called epoxy floor coating companies.

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