With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to schedule exterior house painting services. Exterior painting will improve your curb appeal, update the appearance of your house, and protect it from the elements. Michigan winters can be harsh and take their toll on your home. If you haven’t had your home’s exterior painted in a while, now is the perfect time to get it done.

How Weather Affects Your Home’s Exterior

Understanding how weather affects your home’s exterior is important. When you know how it is affected, you can conduct regular assessments of your home’s condition. You can check the exterior of your home and see if any issues need addressing. It will also give you an idea of when to repaint it. This way, you can protect your home and keep it in its best condition.

Here are some of the effects of weather on your home:

  • Peeling Paint

    After long-term exposure to the elements, the paint on your exterior walls and sidings will start to peel and chip. This is often caused by poor wall preparation, moisture accumulation, an incorrect painting application, or low-quality painting products. However, it is always exacerbated by adverse weather conditions. To avoid paint peeling, you need to maintain the coatings on your exterior for full protection against the weather.

  • Fading Paint

    Paint chipping is often due to colder temperatures. However, fading paint is the opposite. Extreme exposure to sunlight is often the reason why the paint on your home’s exterior will start to decline. Once you start to see that the paint on your home is fading away, it’s time to schedule exterior house painting services. While you might think this is purely for aesthetic reasons, it’s not. Paint gives your home an additional layer of protection that helps protect your surfaces and prevents potential issues caused by the changing seasons.

  • Water Damage

    Over time, moisture can get into the tiny cracks and crevices of your home. This will cause several issues, including discoloration or staining, mold, mildew, and rotting wood. Keeping up the durability of your exterior is key to preventing all of these issues from happening. And the key to getting this done is exterior house painting services.

Best Time to Paint your Home Exterior

The best time to paint your home’s exterior is between March to October. This is when the temperature and humidity are at their most ideal.

The best temperature to paint your home’s exterior is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can have your home painted with temperatures anywhere between 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Be Proactive

One of the best ways to protect your home is by being proactive. Once the snow melts and you can get a clear view of everything, assess the condition of your property. Do regular checks to see if there are any issues that you need to address like rotten sidings, water damage, or mold. Getting ahead of these issues is the best way to prevent them from growing into bigger and costlier problems. 

At J&B Painting, we protect your surfaces with superior surface preparation. Aside from doing assessments, we also provide handyman services. Most of the wood suppliers in Livonia and nearby areas do not provide primed wood. When we do minor surface repairs, we make it a point to prime all of the new wood before installing. This ensures that your surfaces are in top-notch condition and will last for a long, long time.

Choose Quality

We all want to save money where we can. However, choosing low-quality paint will not guarantee top-quality results, especially for your exterior walls. Your exterior is your first line of defense against the elements. And because is subjected to varying and adverse conditions, it’s easy for the paint to chip, peel, or fade. When this happens, your surfaces become more susceptible to moisture and water damage which negatively impacts your home.

At J&B Painting, our exterior house painters only use premium paint and coatings. We ensure that the products we use on your home are ideal for the exterior material and the general climate in the area. We know what products work best in the Greater Livonia region, and can guarantee results that withstand the elements for years.

Hire Professional Exterior Painters

Needless to say, for exterior house painting services, hire professionals. Professional painters will ensure that your home is in good hands. They have the licenses and certifications required to conduct safe and professional painting processes. Not only that, but they can provide peace of mind. Taking on a home improvement project isn’t easy, especially if it’s for your entire home. This can cause stress and worries that you do not need. Handing over the project to a local painting company will allow you more time and energy to focus on other more important things.

Benefits of Hiring Professional House Painters

If you’re still on the fence regarding professional house painters, here are some advantages to enjoy when you hire professionals to take of your home.

  • You don’t have to lift a single brush.
  • Professional house painters are licensed and insured.
  • They have the experience and expertise in painting various properties.
  • They know what products to use on your home exteriors.
  • They will provide a long-lasting and quality finish.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Trusted Exterior House Painting Services

For reliable exterior house painting services, you can rely on J&B Painting.

At J&B Painting, we understand the needs of homeowners. We know that you want to best for your home and we can deliver the results you want. Our skilled house painters are well-equipped with industry standards and have the experience to guarantee 100% satisfaction. With over 3,500 projects completed, you know that you’re making the right choice with J&B Painting.

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